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#363 – Clown Shoes

Jason standing up for TBOY ! While Randy offers to wear a thong while taking us on a bug detour. We celebrate our kids ability to … tie their shoes. Jason goes to scout camp and actually thinks the tents aren’t so bad, and the kids are impressive. Thirty-five miles on the Northville Placid Trail was fun, and the boys did all the work. Randy votes for no backpacks, because they aren’t destroying paper.

#359 – Chappaquiddick

Jason’s sick again and Randy’s off to the Vineyard, biking to the island’s island yet never knowing of the story of the bridge. How do the ferries work and how do you get the fireworks across. In D.C. Jason’s not shooting them in traffic, yet the cops don’t seem to notice. And, of course, we get an update on the campers!