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#363 – Clown Shoes

Jason standing up for TBOY ! While Randy offers to wear a thong while taking us on a bug detour. We celebrate our kids ability to … tie their shoes. Jason goes to scout camp and actually thinks the tents aren’t so bad, and the kids are impressive. Thirty-five miles on the Northville Placid Trail was fun, and the boys did all the work. Randy votes for no backpacks, because they aren’t destroying paper.

#362 – Highs, Lows, Buffalos

Jason has a lecture about being in the moment. Forget fomo, ignore the greener grass, and enjoy horse camp while you are there. Randy engages the FOMO and rides all by himself. The PMC goes well but Randy gets a scary call right before. And Jason asks all the questions about the emergency medical issue. In the end, be consistent!

#359 – Chappaquiddick

Jason’s sick again and Randy’s off to the Vineyard, biking to the island’s island yet never knowing of the story of the bridge. How do the ferries work and how do you get the fireworks across. In D.C. Jason’s not shooting them in traffic, yet the cops don’t seem to notice. And, of course, we get an update on the campers!

#358 – Left on Read

Randy should go to camp but he’s trying to be productive while the kids are away at camp. Jason wants the kids to be independent but not this independent, as in … respond the text already! The scavenger hunt was a  huge success. Randy is thrown by Jason faking but he can’t tell if he’s faking or not.

#357 – Do the Hard Stuff

Randy plans an epic party and Jason’s driving the details. 30 pounds of dry ice is nuts, but 50 pounds makes sense. Sound Bar judgment comes on a little hard, even though surround systems are actually better. Big math is fun, but hard, yet … order of magnitude is achieved. How do you make the kids know the options?

#356 – My Money’s on Me

Jason and Randy discuss the girls’ hair, and endless combing. The James’ throw a party and the kids have figured out the loophole. Tree Nuts are dangerous. Teach good decisions. Lack of accessibility is part of the challenge and double standards are summarized. – recorded on 5/31/2022

#355 – Play More Chess

Randy and Jason unfortunately have to address guns, cops and schools again. The girls and boys appear to be coming back together. Are things improving, especially for the kids? Eat more broccoli and enjoying Tom Cruise smiling! – recorded: 5/24/2022

#354 – Hot Girl Summer

Randy and Jason discuss Prometheus and stardust theories. Randy drives the school bus and Jason is wildly confused with Randy’s contrition. What’s fair in team sports? Why won’t the kids simply shoulder fake around the opponent and score? Randy drives the School Bus and gets McDonalds at the mall. The boy needs expensive gear now but it’s too late to buy the ski pass.

#353 – Old and Wisdomy

Randy and Jason celebrate Mother’s Day not Wife’s day, Randy with a card, but it’s not at all what you would expect. Who’s 50, and when did that happen? Don’t put tomatoes in a fruit salad no matter how intelligent you are. How the kids handle the dance pre-party and is it as never wracking? Someone has been listening for half their life and that, at least, isn’t creepy.

#352 – Lima Beans

Randy has an existential crisis about clearing his plate. Jason and Randy compare notes about Family Meeting. Time for a new cell phone, should have been a horse. How much storage is enough and what’s the cost? Brushing teeth is too much to ask, compared to planning gig jobs. And finally how long will a cat last in a tree?