#307 – Send It

Jason and Randy are trying to avoid discussing and schools, but it’s unavoidable for the Dads. At least it was quick. And on to spring and bicycles, where to get one and on the cheap? They are planning camps, and trying to use the tech gear, and wool, not cotton. What will it be like when the office reopens and how much can you get for an #AmongUs fuse bead person?

#306 – Waggle your Finger

Randy and Jason discuss qualifications. Randy discusses software from Rogue Amoeba, it’s always fun to peak behind the scenes. Should we add sound effects? Last week was school vacation which included Movies, Minecraft and …. travel?! You betcha. What about that #Covid #Vaccine? Can the schools open? Should we opt into a fancy private school instead?

#304 – Mainstream Smoke

Randy doesn’t want to have anything with #stonks while Jason is holding forever with his Diamond Hands, even though he can’t pronounce #Dogecoin correctly. Randy get’s in with the bruvs doing school work, and is the only one interested at all. Who can blame them, detailed studies of smoking seems, irrelevant if not outright problematic. What does the Ladder Sign really mean? Meanwhile, Randy and Jason … Jr are sharing a side hustle.

#303 – Picture of a Book

Randy and Jason discuss some irrational fears and, while dear to them, these fears are irrational. But they get through them and get through the snow to the ice. Neither can resist discussing #Stonks and #RobinHood and $GME, but are not financial advisors. The knot tying books to novels is unwound!

#302 – Chuckin’ Rocks

Randy and Jason are back discussion how to bridge through these troubling times and skirting around committees. The kids are doing Ice Business, which is encouraging because the tech points bank is almost empty!

#300 – Bean Dad

Yes, it’s 300, your ears aren’t deceiving you, as Chris hosts Randy and Jason and everyone gets caught up. Are your kids in school, cause almost none of ours are. We finally get an update on the pump track and compare our blessings. Of course, we also decide who is right and wrong in the whole #BEANDAD fiasco.

#299 – Money Fire

Randy gives a kid his gloves but not COVID. Jason’s cats are hiding and Randy’s are getting smart and fat. But can they spell their own names? Read or sleep? Or neither .. bone conducting headphones keep us active. School review… as always! Happy 2021, Thanks for listening everyone!

#298 – Early Onset Senility

Jason and Randy are feeling festive and planing to share some cheer. Well, one of them is. We get some mail, about a mouse of all things, and then we fight about Operating Systems. Nah, Jason has no heart for it, but Khan Academy and linear algebra!? That’s a different story! The vaccine’s here, but which one is going to take it?

#297 – Nachos and Brownies

Jason and Randy are back after filling up on Thanksgiving celebrations. Jason took his family for a plane ride and, whew, that entailed a lot, and Jason gives more details that Randy cares about. But COVID scares abound for both Randy and Jason. It’s not really a piece of cake, no matter how many times Jason says it. Of course… it turns into a school chat again.

#296 – Boner Pills

Jason and Randy are back without COVID but can’t stop talking about it. Dolly Parton and Mouthwash, two heroes forever linked. Soccer is over and if that wasn’t risky enough Jason’s off to Florida for …. vacation!?! Randy’s got two big developments, the boy’s freedom and the girl’s development. Jason’s not ready for that so his eyes are on the slopes!