#280 – Searching Up Hedgehogs

Randy and Jason are out of things to talk about so it’s all jokes about shooting the sun in the face when the tint won’t work. More weak math as meters and yards are compared, sorry for all you metric people out there! Detailed analysis of #RoosterMoney (link below) and the fun party game (link also below)!


#279 – Americans Don’t Want It

Jason and Randy get called out via eMail and it goes south from there. Alright, get the right bicycle and take Coronavirus seriously! We get the last word, easy in this format, but are appreciative of the challenge. Summer school is in session because statistics and probability lessons are desperately needed.

Bicycle Bell Boston: “Read the Home Page Please” -Randy

#278 – Self Awareness

Randy manages a crisis in nearly real time, while Jason needs to know where his place is. Tired and irrational kids aren’t helping either, but how tired are Randy and Jason themselves and what’s the impact of the tiredness and stress on their approach to racial issues. Wait, what !? How can that be related and how to bikes, cars, mosquito nets and police?


#277 – Mere Happenstance

Randy and Jason start talking about … can you believe it …. bicycles, again. Hey, it could be taxes or soccer! How to help your neighbor who thinks they know what their kid wants? Jason has a lead on Go Kart wheels, even has he has to use first aid skills, again. New friends are being made, even in this time of COVID distancing.

#276 – Things sure are Interesting

Randy and Jason face conflict head on, and it is almost as close as can be. Tensions are running high, but they look for room for improvement. Keep those hips solid, don’t break! Should we open it up? Demonstrations go on regardless, and it’s understandable.

#275 – It has to go crooked

Randy and Jason try to keep it light during some pretty hard times, don’t judge too harshly. Pizza Bag stories from listeners always help, as do trips to outer space. There’s a vote being cast, and Jason helps with some shocking experiences. Through the crazy times, we’re always pro-sanity! Be well, be safe and love your neighbors!

#274 – No Cue Balls

Randy needs to call his nurse friends to get the real scoop. But first Jason reminds us that we don’t even know what we don’t know. But the weather is changing and the kids are making forts! That is, when we can pry them away from the video games. The addiction is bad, and concerning!

#273 – Muskrat Babies

Week 99 and the Covid Cloud continues to hover. Politics, police … do Randy and Jason just have a problem with authority or is it something deeper, Wait, doesn’t everyone? Let’s get open minded and fix all the ills of society. Starting with getting everyone at least one boat.

#272 – Base Level Fitness

Randy and Jason give weekly updates on the #homeschooling during #Covid and someone tries to remove all expectations. Are they really loosening the #SocialDistancing restrictions and separately, why is it that kids like to wear blankets when sweatshirts exist? They beg for their kids to “JUST TRY, please!” and don’t hand off the RC Controller. Updates on the Middle School relationships, which evidently haven’t changed in at least one generation.

#271 – Ted Different Playlists

What are we doing new here in week 72 of #Covid #Quarantine? Jason is out of things to say, but Randy won’t torpedo the show! Just don’t get caught waxing nostalgic in from of Randy … the old ways aren’t better! Young intrigue from the opposite sex for the boys, what are their intentions and is the time well spent? There’s chargers and cameras and the echo is doing all the homework, are calculators allowed for this assignment?

#270 – Don’t Break Anything

Randy addresses the mic problem from 269 head-on as we peak behind the Dads Being Dads curtain. While they’re peeking at things, they look inside the computer and discuss flops. School was cancelled, can Jason stay engaged, or will he and his kids give up? They advise a writer how to get up from his desk, poorly as one of the kids is traumatized by Darth Vadar. Vadar isn’t the only one breaking things, however.

#269 – Covid Cloud

Well, social distancing is still a thing… who knew it would last more than 3 weeks … besides EVERYONE? Randy and Jason talk masks, closed roads and how Randy is ignoring everything from the schools, it just comes so late. Ok, not everything, just most things. But he helps the kids with the friendly communications, while Jason advocates for mandatory outdoor recess. What do you do about paying for pre-covid services? More and more homeschooling … the new normal.