#313 – Facebook Cares Emoji

Randy and Jason palaver over palindromes before reading some really amazing and validating emails. “The ones who cared didn’t need my help, the ones who needed my help didn’t care”, a timely paradox. We got through and Randy went camping with a bucket of fireworks while Jason suggests to drive it like it was stolen. Great advice all around.

#312 – Great, Lets talk

Randy and Jason discuss priorities, what’s important to the kids, is it really just vending machines in the lobby? Does the district matter, and how well known is the competition? Everyone eventually throws out their arm, it’s incredibly difficult to discuss these things. And body image and self worth and where to draw the line, publicly.

#311 – 10 Main Courses

Randy and Jason are back, Randy is all about the academics, but hates the current book he’s reading. They deep dive into the SSAT, and private school considerations. Meanwhile Jason’s trying to outsource soccer, but in the end it’s all about “Less Attitude, More Aptitude”™.

#310 – Loser Talk

Randy and Jason discuss the benefits of doing things poorly. Private school vs Public school and what it takes to be successful in education. Is it better to aim high and adjust or take it easy? It’s hard to gauge anything, let alone what the right academic path is for these two.

#309 – Under Almost No Pressure

Randy gives Jason a detailed description of HVAC systems. Math problems are still confusing, but changes are being made. Who should tutor? Randy apparently is qualified, are the kids ready? Jason likes compound interest, not influencers!

#308 – Just Touch It

Jason’s trying to catch up after a rough evening. Maybe online sweepstakes are the way out for Randy? What about those vaccines, how can we book and what time frame are we in for the old people? There’s a bubble about to pop, the math bubble and Randy is throwing a fit? Where do YOU draw the line and what do ducks actually eat?

#307 – Send It

Jason and Randy are trying to avoid discussing and schools, but it’s unavoidable for the Dads. At least it was quick. And on to spring and bicycles, where to get one and on the cheap? They are planning camps, and trying to use the tech gear, and wool, not cotton. What will it be like when the office reopens and how much can you get for an #AmongUs fuse bead person?

#306 – Waggle your Finger

Randy and Jason discuss qualifications. Randy discusses software from Rogue Amoeba, it’s always fun to peak behind the scenes. Should we add sound effects? Last week was school vacation which included Movies, Minecraft and …. travel?! You betcha. What about that #Covid #Vaccine? Can the schools open? Should we opt into a fancy private school instead?

#304 – Mainstream Smoke

Randy doesn’t want to have anything with #stonks while Jason is holding forever with his Diamond Hands, even though he can’t pronounce #Dogecoin correctly. Randy get’s in with the bruvs doing school work, and is the only one interested at all. Who can blame them, detailed studies of smoking seems, irrelevant if not outright problematic. What does the Ladder Sign really mean? Meanwhile, Randy and Jason … Jr are sharing a side hustle.

#303 – Picture of a Book

Randy and Jason discuss some irrational fears and, while dear to them, these fears are irrational. But they get through them and get through the snow to the ice. Neither can resist discussing #Stonks and #RobinHood and $GME, but are not financial advisors. The knot tying books to novels is unwound!

#302 – Chuckin’ Rocks

Randy and Jason are back discussion how to bridge through these troubling times and skirting around committees. The kids are doing Ice Business, which is encouraging because the tech points bank is almost empty!