#288 – Time Before Sunrise

Randy and Jason debate when night ends and morning begins. What to do with a kid that just won’t sleep in their own bed, ideas welcome! New experiences with school sports and the joys of seemingly endlessly running at cross country practice. Nobody has a clear idea of the exact right thing to do.

#287 – Shining Gap

Jason gets a new chair! No more squeaking but Randy doesn’t care enough. He got his own new free junk, off a beach! We combine some codes, all the while examining the deficiencies. And we are giving and will imbue you with these skills.

#286 – Anti-Denier Deniers

Randy and Jason discuss the weather and running shoes. Don’t step on acorns. A long weekend means off-the-grid adventures for Randy while Jason sits idly at home. Factfulness gets a rave review from Jason, even if he can’t remember actual facts… The kids get out of the crevices in the ground and safely escape the spider trap.

#285 – Bunch of Red Onions

Randy and Jason deliver a pro browser tip! Just in time for Virtual School or home school or hybrid or in-person or some other one off education style! Do you know who’s watching your screen? Is internet a utility and who’s regulating it? Randy gets out of a hole with his car and goes grocery shopping while Jason works on bed time.

#284 – Weird Territory

Randy and Jason are wrapping up the summer, and getting tired. of. the. bickering. After Jason spends a week at the beach all they can talk about is body image and what’s actually healthy! Are there no limits to their judgement? What is there to talk about besides back to school, politics and COVID? Zoom calls are exhausting and Randy has so many touch points!

#283 – Groupthink Compromise

Randy and Jason continue on the school plans, the committees have committees! Can we socialize safely, people in the house, or just on headsets? Randy gives us some headset pointers. COVID project abound, from Minecraft to 3D Printing, but what’s useful and where can Jason find parts?! Randy has an old-timey dynamo and that’s enough.


#282 – You’re Ghosting Me

Randy and Jason scout the scouts…. is it worth it? If it will save you on the rapids, it’s worth it for sure. Kids are working their best lives, is it working for me? Who’s responsibly biking and do you assume they are going to be making the safe turn? Can you believe that school and COVID come up? Just abandon everything!

#280 – Searching Up Hedgehogs

Randy and Jason are out of things to talk about so it’s all jokes about shooting the sun in the face when the tint won’t work. More weak math as meters and yards are compared, sorry for all you metric people out there! Detailed analysis of #RoosterMoney (link below) and the fun party game (link also below)!


#279 – Americans Don’t Want It

Jason and Randy get called out via eMail and it goes south from there. Alright, get the right bicycle and take Coronavirus seriously! We get the last word, easy in this format, but are appreciative of the challenge. Summer school is in session because statistics and probability lessons are desperately needed.

Bicycle Bell Boston: “Read the Home Page Please” -Randy

#278 – Self Awareness

Randy manages a crisis in nearly real time, while Jason needs to know where his place is. Tired and irrational kids aren’t helping either, but how tired are Randy and Jason themselves and what’s the impact of the tiredness and stress on their approach to racial issues. Wait, what !? How can that be related and how to bikes, cars, mosquito nets and police?


#277 – Mere Happenstance

Randy and Jason start talking about … can you believe it …. bicycles, again. Hey, it could be taxes or soccer! How to help your neighbor who thinks they know what their kid wants? Jason has a lead on Go Kart wheels, even has he has to use first aid skills, again. New friends are being made, even in this time of COVID distancing.