#349 – That’s a Weird Vibe

Randy and Jason are biking and running, one overnight. Some dudes are oddly disappearing on group runs. Where are they going? Making playgrounds accessible is a numbers game. Gender studies degrees are fine, if you can afford it and aren’t running out of steam.

#347 – Magic Lady Doctor

Jason is struggling, hard, and Randy has the answer in a special resource. Are the problems the same when one just wants to go to school later? What about Teen Town, are we dancing or playing Foursquare and why are all the girls crying? Randy reminds us to be intentional, especially skiing across a pond.

#346 – Girlboss

Randy and Jason do an awful job of celebrating National Woman’s Day. Grace Hopper was amazing and Alan Turing was pretty good too, for a boy. Naked men on motorcycles are not cool, not even in the woods, and the benefits of objectification are discussed. Jason is not smooth, but the chairlift gives opportunities.

#345 – Spur some Enervation

Randy and Jason discuss the invasion of Ukraine and what it could mean and how wildly unprepared they are. The could quench thirst, but that’s about it. There’s no more wild cows and Jason is in disbelief, meanwhile Randy’s made up entirely of stardust.

#344 – Art is Art

The COVID recovery is still ongoing for Jason. The kids are processing a death. Randy gets hit on his commute … by a wine bottle. The big trip to the city means two instagram accounts. And we will watch the big game but we wish they would valentine.

#343 – Omnidirectional Treadmill

The Fitz’s are dealing with even more Covid, doubtful it will ever end. The skiing is happening but the shared experiences are very different. The goat retires, but who is following him, really? And what did people do before computers, it’s incomprehensible. There are terrible doctors and we’re not ready for the metaverse.

#342 – Hurts my Feet Fastly

Jason congratulates Mr. Ortiz on his HOF acknowledgement! We get some mail about the motor coaches and Randy’s validated but Jason is flipping over it. Why are there so many banks and why are they so very fancy? Who is going for School Council and are they ready for the hard hitting issues? Pro tips on writing are given as easy as speaking.

#341 – Dad Having Covid

Covid land on Dads Being Dads and someone’s hurting big time! But the boy wants another R/C car and Randy wonders if there are benefits to being more capitalistic. Motivation follows action and where desire ends, discipline begins, or something like that. Kids have to train, even though we never even remotely considered it.

#340 – Egregious Violation

Randy and Jason realize they are on the cell phones all night long because the settings are hacked. And the lights are left on and it’s costing dollars. The guy at the rink has been here all day, no one can draw a snowflake let alone a hippopotamus and everyone gets a gingerbread house. They act like they are adults, and they want to be treated like adults, but their brains don’t work.