#269 – Covid Cloud

Well, social distancing is still a thing… who knew it would last more than 3 weeks … besides EVERYONE? Randy and Jason talk masks, closed roads and how Randy is ignoring everything from the schools, it just comes so late. Ok, not everything, just most things. But he helps the kids with the friendly communications, while Jason advocates for mandatory outdoor recess. What do you do about paying for pre-covid services? More and more homeschooling … the new normal.

#268 – Jumbly Words

Should we reopen? Jason has a controversial take and Randy doesn’t shoot him down immediately! You think school is boring, trying listening to Randy and Jason go on about #unschooling, #homeschooling, #badschooling during this #COVID pandemic. Jason equates toilet paper to wages and salary and threatens to fire a kid, while Randy comfortably eats delicious pancakes.

#267 – Such a Weird Vibe

More #CoronaVirus, more #SocialDistancing, pro tips galore! While home/school life settles into a routine, Randy and Jason find the woods alarmingly congested. Randy finds out if the Tell Tale Heart is just as scary in Spanish and Jason introduces his kids to the Marvel Comic Universe and evergreen classic #TheSimpsons. Don’t forget to review your entertainments choices on www.commonsensemedia.org.

#266 – My Wife’s Psyche

Randy and Jason compare isolation successes and fails, which mean Randy tells how how things are going well and Jason explains how the system is failing. Broken bones, obstinate kids and cabin fever make for a volatile mix. Does the answer to refused writing assignments lie in skipping through movies about Vegas Tycoons? #ShelterInPlace #Covid19 #DadsBeingDads

#265 – Movie Science Guy

Surprise… we talk pandemic. Hope you are all surving #Covid #SovialDistancing #ShelterInPlace and #HomeSchooling. We will give you all the protips to get you through! We’ll be back next week!

#264 – Psychosomatic Illness

Jason channels his inner Clark Gryzwald on a trip to Wally World, er the ski mountain, which causes some serious introspection. Randy gaslights his daughter into eating extra vegetables but rewards her with extra jelly beans all the way to trail number 5!

Pro Tip: Have your kid put the fresh veggies on the plate and ease into the idea of eating them!

#263 – Written in Snow

Randy and Jason get into some heavy issues, tangentially related to parenting, and not so much fun: Race and Cancer. We touch on endless background checks, taxes and phones for kids, who’s the lucky recipient? And what’s their etiquette like?

#262 – Sparkly Vampires

Randy and Jason have a length debate about appropriate books for 14 year old girls, something neither of them have any experience with at all…. yet. This somehow pivots into the worth of drivers ed. They do good with some corporate sponsored volunteering, or do they?

#261 – Black Avacados

Jason unloads the guild of how #TargetTori was treated, and what that means for humanity before Randy and Jason ramble all over on this one. Jumping out of email bankruptcy and super boring lists all the way over to ski slopes and exciting lists of winter accoutrements. Randy does rescue a baby on the stairs and we’re all the better for it.

#260 – One and One Half Hours

Randy and Jason open the new year … after another hiatus … with some minor changes. Randy drops some trauma on Jason. Pivot to nightly routines, new priorities, and setting home alone standards. What about if Alexa is watching? And what do we do with all these toys?

#259 – Financial Panther

Jason and Randy reflect on 2019 the last week. Really, this comes down to Jason ranting about several things including how amazing that very first episode of The Simpsons was … 30 years ago. Also ranted about: ‘merica and Jury Duty and Voting and TOWN POLITICS. Randy tries to hang on.

#258 – Chore Story

We got snow! so Randy and Jason are a little punchy being trapped inside with all these kids for two days … after Thanksgiving break. Or are they? Hierarchy of Needs is mentioned and Rock Buckets and Christmas Trees are discussed in the same sentence. Are Pupsocks the right gift idea for Julie? Can the kids handle Harry Potter? Should we put in sewers and add a new fire station? So much discussed.