#339 – Why is there a Zero

Randy and Jason are never ending providing homework help. And they are too focused on the grades. Jason asks what would happen if money was no object, you know because of the gift season. Turns out the lizard brain is behind all of this.

#338 – Ugh, As If

Jason and Randy are over invested in the kids and it’s causing some flawed decisions. The cat was bitten, but nothing’s broken. A COVID remedy is real, but will Jason take it before Vitamin I? And Randy hacks his son’s Kahoots!

#337 – Let’s Call it a Clique

Jason comes in hot, late, time’s short and grades are flying in.  Randy realizes what talking to 8th graders is actually like. Social ties are unravelling. But the dance goes on. You should date so and so, but not too much seven in heaven. Always practice empathy, by the way is her leg broken?

#336 – Definition of a Remedy

Jason detects Omicron and explains to Randy who is talking about the mother of innovation. Oprah never cooks, we aren’t fooled Tovala Oven. Jason’s boy won’t talk, but we’re still trying and will make deposits anyways. There’s such a thing as a Smart Sock but the FDA won’t have any of it. Randy goes away for Christmas and brings his big blanket.

#335 – Dead Raccoon Back Here

Jason and Randy wrap up the season with more soccer talk about who is being poorly coached and who is running Beep Tests. The stress of college is setting in already and books are being read. Should we just get our name on the truck instead? Recruiting is challenging, but that’s mostly self-inflicted. And what drives our college choices?

#334 – Crush Their Skulls

Rand and Jason take a deep dive into some money and share thoughts on where they get their financial advice. How does money even work and what was wampum? Who likes cryptocurrency and who doesn’t? And there’s some academics and what achievement means.

#333 – Yakaha or Fendek

Randy still won’t answer the phone even if he’s lost. Jason wants someone he knows to call. As always, don’t mow down the pedestrians and store your money in buckets. Then you can buy Rubick’s Cube Lube. Back to cell phones and they are the worst even if they teach you how to play guitar.

#332 – Dollars, Not Pictures

Randy has some financial conversations with the folks. Jason reads more, real, email and recommends against being like daddy. And how to manage the toddler bed. Randy dusts off the newborn skills and there are many, many soccer pictures.

#331 – Queen of Hugs

Jason thinks Randy kinda looks like a dandy, while Randy says everyone hates their own name. More chatter about badges, birth names and failing grades. Does marijuana smell that bad, that far away? Indoor soccer emails cause some drama and there is an ER visit, but it’s not the kids, whew!

#330 – Blanket Policy

Randy makes soccer weird with the pass back, while Jason is doing some housekeeping and tweeting. The boy vents and communication channels are reestablished. The kids are trending upward, will it stick? Well except for premature labels and nameplates, which fell off too early.

#329 – Mackin’ Shack

Randy is distracted by old starving cats, while the kids would rather be chilling on the swing set. Always more soccer updates. Jason has a proud moment with the parents yelling his kid’s name. The Rubik’s Cube is winning over school work and Valtenlines Day is hard to say.

#328 – Making Plans is Hard

Jason’s signing because he has nothing … but Randy is encouraging him to make a plan. Would private school work as a carrot? M&Ms are underrated and chaos is prevalent on the Soccer field with the coaches. Jason needs some indication that he has a handle on things, because the lack of clear communication is not inspiriing.