1052470_10151455975085806_47606709_oRandy James is a father of two.  A boy named Max and a girl named Molly.  Books like this really freak him out.  Randy enjoys biking for fun and fitness and towing the kids along whenever possible.  During the day, he writes software to earn cash for buying food and shelter and such for his beloved family.

Jason Fitzgerald is a father of four: Jason Jr, Grace, Helen and Faith and couldn’t do it without his wife Holly. A notorious quick sleeper who loves overbooking himself with involvement in kid’s activities, sports, church programs. Maintains a deep seated unwillingness to give up stuff he should have outgrown a long time ago such as R/C Cars, Clash of Clans and Lego building.


And we give respect to Chris who started the show and was present for the first hundred episodes:

peeps1Chris Cotroneo lives with his wonderful wife and children Josie and twin boys Alex and Gianni. Together with their pet Roly Polies they live a busy life balancing two Sci/Tech careers with lots of family fun time. In his free time Chris enjoys fiddling with Art, Music, Bugs, Outdoors, Fitness, Gaming, and various house and tech projects.