#325 – I Was Made To Do This

Randy’s kids write home, but it’s forced and actually they don’t even write. The kids just done care. There’s a reunion on an island and the parentage is so awkward. Jason wants and ADU and if you look, there are paths everywhere. Fat Johnny can’t hike far though, but at least there are specific limits to his swimming.

#324 – Especially Sassy

Jason tried to bore the show to death with minutia about lawn mowing. But Randy saves it with detailed and cringy comments about summer camp pictures. Are camp communications a sound business idea, or just another way to move money between the rich. Soccer already … not until there’s time with cousins!

#323 – Lady on a Horse

Jason is every grateful, and Randy is too, we think. Jason breaks down the California itinerary while Randy cannot even feign interest. Except for the wax anatomy, now Randy has questions. Randy gets lost in the north without even a shirt or a glass of water and things get dicey.

#322 – Randycamp

Randy is unsatisfied with camp, it doesn’t encapsulate everything but counselor in training is a nice gig. Jason forgets everything about math. The bike parks are insanely fun and dangerous! Popsicle art should last forever. Friends check in with friends.

#321 – Thunder Mountain

Randy is home alone but burdened with eggshells, even though he recommends you wear the slimy armor. Jason’s summer activities are less math, more fun. And as far as youtube goes, buy the sand, favor The Simpsons, forget the Socialists. Someone’s hanging out under a bridge, and someone else doesn’t want to be the intermediary!

#320 – Undersea Wires

Randy and Jason survive the internet outage, but the super hot weather is a new challenge. The tests are still looming, but school will be over soon. To get new skills, you have to start, the confidence will come later. But soccer, there’s a lot of burnout. The drama is winding down, what to talk about.

#319 – Too Many Activities

Randy and Jason truck through an internet outage because they are distracted and stressed about soccer. Jason brags about some hardware that Randy won’t share. The both share the end of school academic stress. Jason celebrates “Independence Day” and Randy meets new friends at the climbing gym, 30 feet up.

#318 – Summer Lies

Randy’s facing death by a thousand cuts, and each one sounds like a car horn in an open field. Jason faces the music on the soccer field, and isn’t complaining, but would like just a little support. Commiseration over school work is healthy and healing, please join in. One of the kids starts writing and Randy and Jason don’t know how to react.

#317 – There will be Busses

Jason and Randy discuss candy … for the standardized tests. The kids need it and they also need a ride home. How to contend with a short handed soccer team and what about all this running for fitness? Randy is living a mask free life, but Jason has a board meeting to contend with.

#316 – Goalie Wars

Jason’s angry and always, is Randy too? Is it COVID? Or is it Soccer and those ridiculous high kicks. Randy has photo evidence, and he’s going to tell you about his process. Did we remember to get pizza for Mother’s Day and how strong is your mask tan?

#315 – Big Lime

Jason and Randy are back and discussing the benefits of eating bears. But first you have to hunt them, and is that ethical? Randy watches Netflix, if you can call it that and Jason can’t deal with the Zombie genre, fast or slow, smart or dumb. But one wonders, are the prisons of today the castles of tomorrow? And what motivates anyone anymore?

#314 – Totally Foot in Mouth

Randy and Jason share the horrible things they’ve said. COVID Coordinators are the worst jobs in the world. Randy discussed getting agreement on a 70k net gain while Jason succeeds to back off a rant, or so he thinks. And back to the soccer talk.