#296 – Boner Pills

Jason and Randy are back without COVID but can’t stop talking about it. Dolly Parton and Mouthwash, two heroes forever linked. Soccer is over and if that wasn’t risky enough Jason’s off to Florida for …. vacation!?! Randy’s got two big developments, the boy’s freedom and the girl’s development. Jason’s not ready for that so his eyes are on the slopes!

#295 – Wasted Bleach

Low energy Jason hangs out while Randy carries the show… which is weird because there is COVID Vaccine News! Huzzah! Is the science fuzzy, or are we just fatigued? Skatepark’s closed but soccer goes on. Stay hopeful, stay cautious and appreciate what you can! Even if it feels unsatisfying!

#294 – Carry on Sir

Jason and Randy touch briefly on the election before launching into stories fueled by too much Halloween Candy. Scary Clowns are conquered but inebriated neighbors aren’t. School problems aren’t solved, but we will keep trying. And trying. And trying. Don’t let us get distracted by fashion, it’s crocs and pants from China over here.

#293 – Burnin’ Rubber

Randy tries to lift Jason’s spirits, but is only mildly successful. Things are tough right now and we empathize with everyone, students are struggling and we want to recognize this. Strategies are discussed to try and keep them focused. Meanwhile, Randy took a left and is has found a new interest in, of all things, prisons.

#292 – Floor of the Forest

Jason is lamenting the dadliness of the show, let’s get back on track. Randy calls a meeting to discuss … the family. Money is back in the forefront of the conversation, now that Jr. is bringing some in regularly and everyone seems to want a gaming mouse. Randy is shopping for goats at savethechildren.org a worthwhile cause, we hope! But first he’s gotta clean the XC track.

#291 – Dead Wood Everywhere

Randy goes without a mask, but for good reason. Jason’s hit the breaking point with the quote-unquote schooling. Things just aren’t adding up and he needs a YouTube laptop. Randy heads out on a(nother) biking adventure … Camping! And not to take the easy route. What about fitness, what’s the motivation, is it better than wings and football?

#290 – Glitchy

Randy and Jason tackle the progression of technology from the age of phone trees to the youth and their cell phones. But first, the weather. Education is not the teacher’s fault, but something needs to give soon, or one of our hosts is going to melt down. When’s the right age to send nudes, and who should do it? Spoiler alert, never and no one!

#289 – Purple Bananas

Randy and Jason are trying to figure out how many people it takes to make a change. It’s government, just vote. Our old favorite soccer pops up and of course bike lanes. We have some follow-up on the bed situation. Jason braves the movie theater to get some popcorn while Randy qualifies his satisfaction.

#288 – Time Before Sunrise

Randy and Jason debate when night ends and morning begins. What to do with a kid that just won’t sleep in their own bed, ideas welcome! New experiences with school sports and the joys of seemingly endlessly running at cross country practice. Nobody has a clear idea of the exact right thing to do.

#287 – Shining Gap

Jason gets a new chair! No more squeaking but Randy doesn’t care enough. He got his own new free junk, off a beach! We combine some codes, all the while examining the deficiencies. And we are giving and will imbue you with these skills.

#286 – Anti-Denier Deniers

Randy and Jason discuss the weather and running shoes. Don’t step on acorns. A long weekend means off-the-grid adventures for Randy while Jason sits idly at home. Factfulness gets a rave review from Jason, even if he can’t remember actual facts… The kids get out of the crevices in the ground and safely escape the spider trap.

#285 – Bunch of Red Onions

Randy and Jason deliver a pro browser tip! Just in time for Virtual School or home school or hybrid or in-person or some other one off education style! Do you know who’s watching your screen? Is internet a utility and who’s regulating it? Randy gets out of a hole with his car and goes grocery shopping while Jason works on bed time.