#258 – Chore Story

We got snow! so Randy and Jason are a little punchy being trapped inside with all these kids for two days … after Thanksgiving break. Or are they? Hierarchy of Needs is mentioned and Rock Buckets and Christmas Trees are discussed in the same sentence. Are Pupsocks the right gift idea for Julie? Can the kids handle Harry Potter? Should we put in sewers and add a new fire station? So much discussed.

#257 – Pink Hammer

Randy and Jason discuss the Thanksgiving preparations. Randy proposes a preposterous gift idea for his wife, although not mittens, it should be mittens. From there the conversation devolves, as usual, into traffic and civil design around school zones.

#256 – Rake the Rail Trail

Randy and Jason discuss how to pay for school activities, and who is cheap and who isn’t. Randy provides pointers on how to rake the local bike thoroughfare and gives us all the updates on his recent stint as Florida Man.

#255 – I am the Wind

Randy and Jason confess to not voting and then demonstrate how little they know about CBD oil and marijuana in general. Jason defends ALL liberties, ironically, even bike helmets. Not the liberties of dead birds, however. PT updates to close us out.

#254 – Tactical Urbanism

Randy explains his fancy meeting style which, once again devolves in car / bike talk and windshield bias. Livin’ or Dyin’, which is it? For the love of water bottles, where are you? But when they are 8 … what do you do? And we wrap it up discussing computers … in this day and age.

#253 – Money Talks

Jason discusses his latest injury while Randy tries to console him. Bear with the office, sideline and planning board talk which is all extremely boring, but somehow … it works.